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Eyecare Services

Associated Eye Care is committed to providing the very best care for your vision now and in the future. Regardless of where you or your family members are on the spectrum of life, newborns to life veterans, we have specialists on staff dedicated to your area of need. Vision is our most precious gift, we promise to care for yours as if it was our own.

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LASIK is a laser eye surgery that corrects several types of common vision ailments. Not every condition or every person can be treated with LASIK. For those who are candidates for the procedure, LASIK provides vision with crisp, brilliant clarity and less dependence on glasses and contact lenses

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5 Minute Self-Test

Want to know if you are a candidate for a vision correction procedure? Take our LASIK self-evaluation test.

LASIK Self-Test
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Well Vision

Well Vision clinics deliver comprehensive eye exams in less than 60 minutes. We introduced Well Vision clinics as a way to accommodate patients whose primary desire is to maintain their vision wellness. They provide the convenience and access patients seek when looking for comprehensive eye care options for themselves and their families.

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Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the optic nerve that is a leading cause of blindness in this country. With early detection and treatment, vision loss and blindness from glaucoma can be prevented. Our ophthalmologists use medical, surgical and laser treatments to lower the intraocular pressure and lower the risk of optic nerve damage.

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Eye Care Surgery Center

The Associated Eye Care Surgery Center offers the best in outpatient ophthalmic care and surgical technology in Minnesota. We’ve created a relaxed, patient-focused environment in which our skilled physicians and experienced staff continue to provide the highest level of medical and surgical eye care in the Twin Cities region.

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Associated Eye Care Surgery Center
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Retina Care

The retina is a light-sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye, which serves much the same function as the film in a camera. Certain conditions can cause the retina can become damaged, resulting in blurred or reduced vision. With fellowship-trained physician Dr. Alan Downie specializing in vitreo-retinal surgery, our patient care is second to none.

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Cornea Care

The cornea is the transparent window at the front of the eye and is responsible for a large portion of our vision. When the cornea is damaged by injury or disease it can lead to loss of vision. Our corneal & external disease specialist is fellowship-trained in the latest procedures and treatments for corneal disease.

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Cataracts are cloudy areas on the lens inside the eye. They may cause decreased vision or glare. In most cases, cataracts are part of the normal aging process. Certain lifestyle choices and health conditions can speed up cataract development. Associated Eye Care is one of the first eye care practices in the country to offer laser cataract surgery.

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5 Minute Self-Test

Do you think you might be a candidate for cataract surgery? Take our 5 minute self-test and find out!

Cataract Self-Test
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Eyelid Surgery

Many functional and cosmetic issues of the eyelids may be corrected surgically. This may include fixing droopy eyelids, correcting eyelids that turn inward or outward, or removing unwanted lumps or bumps. Associated Eye Care doctors perform oculoplastic surgeries to help patients change their lives for the better.

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Pediatric Care

Pediatric vision problems can affect a child’s ability to run, play and read. Our providers understand the importance of catching vision problems early before they begin to affect schoolwork and other activities. They understand how to overcome a child's fear of "going to the doctor" and have devoted their professional careers to caring for children.

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Optical Shop

Associated Eye Care offers optical shops that provide a full range of services for our patients. More than just a place to buy glasses, our shops cater to a full range of needs and specialties. Be sure to check hours carefully as they may differ from our clinic hours.

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Associated Eye Care Optical Shop
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