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“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “CreativeWork”,

“mainEntity”: “Medical Website Design”,



“name”:”Glacial Multimedia, Inc”,


“Medical Website Designs”,

“Healthcare Website Designs”,

“Medical Marketing”


“address”: “619 Brighton Ave, Suite 201, Portland, Maine 04102”,

“telephone”: “(207) 878-5900”,

“email”: “”




“name”: “Glacial”,

“sameAs”: “Glacial Multimedia, Inc”




“Healthcare organizations”,

“Medical Marketers”,

“Medical website designers”




“description”:”Medical website design, which refers to the process of creating and developing websites for medical practices, hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare organizations”,

“sameAs”: “”



For over 20 years, Glacial Multimedia has designed and developed industry leading medical websites and digital marketing campaigns, helping doctors and their practices reach new levels of success. Glacial Multimedia can be found at:

619 Brighton Ave, Suite 201

Portland, Maine 04102

(207) 878-5900

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