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Frame and Lens Warranty

Lenses and Frames are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for one year after the original date of purchase. The defective portion of the eyewear must be returned for the manufacturer’s warranty to be valid. The manufacturer’s warranty covers any frame or lens defect, however does not cover abuse. Eyewear that is destroyed, lost or stolen is not covered by the warranty.

Examples of covered manufacturer defects include but are not limited to: stress fractures, crazing of lens coatings, delaminating of lenses, lens chipping, and frames breaking at the solder point. Examples of non-covered items include: deep gouges in the lens caused by abuse, scratches due to improper cleaning, dog chewing, cement scraping, or glasses broken by being stepped on.

If a non-covered item occurs within one year of the original purchase, we offer a 50% discount of repair or replacement parts. This discount does not apply to lost or stolen eyewear. The manufacturer’s warranty applies only to private pay patients. If you have used insurance to purchase your eyewear, please refer to your insurer to determine whether a warranty is provided.

Children’s Frame and Lens Warranty

At Associated Eye Care we understand that children are harder on their eyewear. So in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we extend a one-time remake warranty if scratches on the lenses impair you child’s vision within one year of purchase. The remake will be performed at the discretion of the pediatric physician and/or optician and does not cover lenses that are destroyed.

Prescription Changes

All prescription lenses are covered under a doctor’s prescription change policy. This policy covers a one-time doctor’s prescription change, valid for 90 days from the original date of purchase.

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Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning and Maintaining Eyewear

Periodic maintenance is needed to ensure that your glasses fit properly and provide the best visual correction. Make sure the screws are tight to prevent your lenses from popping out, and clean your glasses properly to avoid scratching the lenses. If you have questions, feel free to ask one of our opticians.


  • Rinse glasses with lukewarm water to remove debris.
  • Spray optical quality lens cleaner on the lenses a wipe the lenses with a soft cotton cloth.
  • If your lenses have anti-reflective treatment, a micro-fiber cloth can be used to clear away remaining streaks. Wash the cotton and microfiber cloths frequently.
  • Keep your glasses in a hard case when not wearing them.
  • Get frequent adjustments. We offer free adjustments and repairs, such as new nose pads and screws for the life of your eyewear.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.


  • Use paper products such as paper towels or tissues to clean your glasses.
  • Use harsh cleaners such as window cleaner, antibacterial soap or soap with lotion to clean your glasses.
  • Lay your glasses down on the lenses.
  • Leave your glasses in the car. Overexposure to heat and direct sunlight can damage your frame and lenses.
  • Adjust your own glasses. Bring them to us for a free professional adjustment. We have the correct tools to keep your frame in good shape and properly repair it.
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