Toric Lens Implants

Correct Cataracts and Astigmatism With One Procedure

For cataract patients who also have astigmatism, toric lens implants offer a chance to finally enjoy quality distance vision without glasses or contact lenses. Toric lenses are specially designed to offer correction for both cataracts and astigmatism in a single procedure.

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When astigmatism is present, glasses will be required for high-quality distance vision after cataract surgery unless the astigmatism is corrected as well.

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Traditional treatment for astigmatism includes glasses and toric contact lenses. However, some people find glasses and contact lenses inconvenient or uncomfortable. These individuals may consider surgical options to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contacts.

Surgical options for correcting astigmatism include laser vision correction such as LASIK, specialize corneal incisions, and toric IOL implantation. If you are planning to undergo cataract surgery, a toric IOL allows you to correct your astigmatism at the same time without additional surgery.

After carefully examining your eyes and discussing the options with you, your surgeon will recommend the option that is best for you.

Toric Lens Implants

Cataract surgery is a quick, outpatient procedure where the eye’s clouded natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens implant. Removing the cataract helps provide better clarity, but astigmatism can still cause blurred vision when present. Standard lens implants do not correct astigmatism. Therefore, patients with astigmatism may still require glasses for best vision after cataract surgery when a standard lens implant is used.

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Patients with astigmatism have a better option. Toric lens implants correct astigmatism to provide improved distance vision, reducing or eliminating the need for distance glasses. Reading glasses will likely still be required unless a toric multifocal lens is used.

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