Brian Tienor, M.D.

Brian Tienor, M.D.Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Glaucoma Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Locations: New Richmond and Stillwater

Brian Tienor, M.D. is a glaucoma specialist and comprehensive ophthalmologist. He believes that, above all, “the patient comes first.” He credits his mother, trained in nursing, and his father, an engineer, for instilling these values and teaching him the compassion and precision necessary to be a good ophthalmologist.

Dr. Tienor considers himself a born-and-raised Midwesterner. After growing up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, he moved to Minnesota where he attended college, medical school, and completed a residency in ophthalmology, all at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Next, he moved to Iowa where he completed a fellowship studying glaucoma management and surgery at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. After concluding his training, Dr. Tienor began practice as a busy glaucoma specialist in Chicago, Illinois. After his time in Chicago Dr. Tienor was drawn back to the region he calls home and joined Associated Eye Care.

Dr. Tienor will admit that on occasion he's been referred to as a real “computer geek,” and he’s proud of it! Since childhood, he has had an interest in computers and the latest electronic gadgets. Many exciting gadgets are used in ophthalmology and Dr. Tienor enjoys finding ways to use these technologies to preserve and restore vision. He has developed a particular interest in optical coherence tomography, a technology that can be used to view structures in the eye on a microscopic level. He has completed research in optical coherence tomography at the University of Iowa, and is constantly looking for ways it can be used to advance eye care.

In his free time, Dr. Tienor likes to spend time with his wife, Ann and his daughter, Ella. They enjoy spending time outdoors, mountain biking and downhill skiing.