What is DSAEK?

DSEK (Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty) is a form of corneal transplant surgery. It is indicated for corneal swelling caused by:

  • Fuchs Dystrophy
  • Decompensated endothelium

DSAEK (Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty) is a corneal transplant technique where the unhealthy, diseased, posterior portion of a patient’s cornea is removed and replaced with healthy donor tissue obtained from an eye bank. Unlike traditional corneal transplant surgery, the DSAEK procedure utilizes a much smaller surgical incision and requires no corneal sutures. DSAEK usually results in more rapid visual recovery and also reduces the risk of sight threatening complications that may occur with a corneal transplant, such as intraoperative expulsive hemorrhage or post operative traumatic would rupture.

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Understanding the Cornea and Corneal Transplants

Although the cornea is clear and seems to lack substance, it is actually a highly organized group of cells and proteins. Unlike most tissues in the body, the cornea contains, under normal circumstances, no blood vessels to nourish or protect it against infections. Instead, the cornea receives its nourishment from the tears and aqueous humor that fills the chamber behind it. The cornea must remain transparent to refract light properly, and the presence of even the tiniest blood vessels can interfere with this process. To see well, all layers of the cornea must be free of any cloudy or opaque areas.

The corneal tissue is arranged in five basic layers, each having an important function. These five layers are: Epithelium, Bowman’s Layer, Stroma, Descemet’s Membrane, Endothelium

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Why Cornea Transplants Are Required?

Cornea transplants are required for a number of corneal diseases and variety of other reasons. Before and after transplant, you will need ongoing information and support. You do not need to go through the cornea transplant surgery and recovery alone.

Benefits of DSAEK

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