Advanced Technology Lens Options

Your Lifestyle. Your Vision.

Lens Implant OptionsWearing reading glasses after cataract surgery is no longer the only option. Several Associated Eye Care surgeons are qualified to implant a new generation of advanced technology lenses that are specially designed to provide crisp vision at all distances, dramatically reducing or eliminating your need for glasses.

There are several available advanced technology lenses, and Associated Eye Care's physicians offer a variety of options in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for your visual needs. Personalizing your procedure leads to better results and more visual independence for you.

If you're interested in greater freedom from glasses after cataract surgery, your Associated Eye Care surgeon will discuss your lifestyle and thoroughly examine your eyes to determine the best lens or combination of lenses for you.

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While an advanced technology lens is usually implanted during cataract surgery to replace a clouded lens, they are sometimes used to alleviate the need for reading glasses in patients who do not yet have cataracts. These patients will never face cataract surgery because, unlike the eye's natural lens, an advanced technology lens will never develop a cataract.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Associated Eye Care is one of the first eye care practices in the country to offer laser cataract surgery, the latest exciting advancement in cataract surgery technology. This bladeless, advanced procedure provides our surgeons with a high level of precision during the procedure, resulting in a truly premium surgical experience for you.

The ORA with Verifeye+ System™

This sophisticated system increases the accuracy of your results by providing your surgeon with real-time information about the optical performance of your eye during surgery.